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We get this question frequently. Often the person who gets asked has little experience with SOC auditing and reporting and is concerned about responding appropriately. If your company is faced with this question, this article will help explain what you need to know.
Did you know that auditors don’t just audit financial statements? In fact, there are a variety of levels of financial statement services provided, including compilations, reviews, and of course, audits.
We see many organizations requesting SOC reports from their business partners due to a corporate compliance mandate. It appears to be a default company request even though the business relationship may not fit the purpose and scope of a SOC report.
If you are a not-for-profit organization you may be wondering what is the big deal surrounding data security?  Aren’t data breaches confined to the big companies like Target, Home Depot, and Sony?  Why would our mission-oriented not-for-profit that helps others be a target of an attack? The reason not-for-profits are
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