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Olsen Thielen partners with Avantax Planning Partners to provide services in lifetime planning, risk management, investment advisory, retirement planning, and financial planning for the next generation.  The integration of Olsen Thielen’s accounting experience and the wealth management experience of Avantax allows us to identify strategies to minimize your tax impact, harvest tax losses, and implement tax-friendly investment solutions.

Avantax works exclusively with CPA firms and their clients across the nation. This team approach to wealth management ensures clients receive the guidance they can trust, planning they can understand, and financial strategies that make a difference.

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Investment advisory services are offered through Avantax, a SEC-Registered Investment Adviser. Avantax and Olsen Thielen are separate legal entities.

Disclaimer:  This content is being provided for informational purposes only with the understanding that Avantax is not rendering tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult with your CPA or other appropriate advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, accounting, or tax obligations and requirements.

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A mistake while filling out beneficiary forms can cause the form to be deemed invalid or may cause account holdings to be dispersed in a way not intended by the account holder and beneficiary forms on accounts such as IRAs supersede your last will and testament.
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