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Payroll is a necessity and can be a significant part of your operations, both on financial and administrative levels. Employers need an in-depth understanding of minimum wage, withholding limits, wage base limits, FICA (Medicare and Social Security), FUTA, state/local tax, monthly/semi-monthly/quarterly payments, payroll reports, and employee classification.  These are just a few things that need to be addressed. Today’s workforce is constantly changing but paying that workforce, whether they are company employees, independent contractors, or gig workers, will always be a vital part of running a business.

Spend Time On Your Business, Not Payroll

To help you provide your employees with top-quality payroll services and end your worries about payroll tax compliance and possible penalties, Olsen Thielen offers myPay Solutions – a comprehensive payroll service. 

Using myPay Solutions will lessen your worries about complying with ever-changing payroll tax rates, policies, or potential penalties. We guarantee your taxes will be paid accurately and on time. And, if the IRS or local tax agency ever should contact you, our tax experts will handle the matter for you.

myPay Solutions provides accurate payrolls delivered on time, plus:

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Payroll can be complex and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Partnering with Olsen Thielen can make complex employment and tax laws, and legal liabilities a thing of the past. 

Contact one of our payroll specialists to explore how you can benefit from our payroll services:

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