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The IRS recently released the 2025 Health Savings Account (HSA) amounts, which have been adjusted for inflation.
Nonprofit audit findings usually contain recommendations that need to be taken seriously and acted on. Failing to take action could threaten your nonprofit's future.
If you’re buying a business, the way the transaction is structured can lead to better or worse tax results, but you need to plan in advance of the acquisition.
There are several financial and legal implications when adding a new partner to a partnership. Although the entry of a new partner may seem simple, you should plan properly to avoid tax problems.
Most charitable volunteers don’t think about potential legal and tax liabilities resulting from their volunteer activities. As a nonprofit leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure they never have to worry about such risks.
Manufacturers should consider conducting a reverse sales & use audit (the opposite of a government audit that seeks to collect tax underpayments) to ensure they are taking full advantage of sales & use tax exemptions.
Many natural disaster relief charities are gearing up for a potentially busy tornado and hurricane season. Before an emergency hits, make sure you know IRS rules for providing aid to victims.
A new FTC ruling has made noncompete agreements unenforceable for most employees, with the aim of fostering competition and job mobility. Learn about the ruling and its potential impact on your business in this article.
The IRS's latest notice suspends RMDs for some inherited IRAs in 2024, offering beneficiaries a financial breather. Find out if you qualify for this waiver and how it affects your tax obligations.
Business owners should take advantage of the Visa and Mastercard Settlement and submit claims before the August 30, 2024 deadline.
If you operate a business, or you’re starting a new one, carefully recording legitimate business expenses is important to be able to claim all the tax deductions to which you’re entitled.
Conduct a financial reset using the SMART framework to prepare financially for the future. Learn about strategies for debt repayment, evaluating your emergency fund, and early tax planning.
If you’re a business owner without a retirement plan, establishing one is simpler than you may think. And there still may be time to set up a tax-favored retirement plan for LAST year, depending on your situation.
Most manufacturers issue companywide income statements. But have you considered digging deeper into your numbers with a segmented income statement? It can highlight key performance drivers and possible improvement strategies for your company.
Prospective nonprofit board members commonly cite time constraints as a reason not to join. Using board committees to lighten the load may make it easier for nonprofits to recruit qualified individuals.
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