Fraud and Forensics

Even if your nonprofit has implemented solid internal controls, occupational fraud can strike. However, a fraud recovery plan can help reassure stakeholders and get your organization back up and running.
Managing accounts payable (A/P) can be challenging for any business. Many organizations have turned to outsourced bill-pay services to add efficiency, security, and accuracy.
VIDEO: Ransomware is a significant threat for business owners of any size, and the damages can be catastrophic. This video will explain what ransomware is and provide seven tips on protecting you and your company.
VIDEO: Fraud is a significant problem across businesses of all sizes. Here's a great video on steps you can take to prevent and address fraud in your business.
Nearly 100 years ago, Olsen Thielen was founded on the belief that personal attention, trust, and quality service were the key elements to helping our clients succeed, and that commitment remains.  commitment to their clients and their community. 
VIDEO: The increased use of collaboration and cloud technologies have enabled employees to stay productive while working from home, but have also increased the risk of phishing attacks, online fraud and cyber attacks. In this short video, we will provide 7 steps to protecting yourself and your company.
Commercial database hackings are in the news and may seem commonplace. But while many of these stories focus on hacked bank and credit card accounts, 401(k) plan sponsors and participants probably don’t realize that their plan assets also are at risk.
VIDEO: All companies are susceptible to and will likely experience fraud at some point. In this video, you will learn about simple and easy to implement controls and processes.
According to the KnowBe4 Security Team (, the bad guys are using social media messaging platforms and emails to send dangerous phishing links that are disguised as a link to a video.
Using a strong password is an important part of your online protection, but as cyber criminals become more sophisticated and determined, you must take additional precautions when protecting your digital identity.
Business owners only need to turn on the news to learn about the latest data breach or attack of ransomware. But when it comes to their own business’ security, are they asking the right questions to ensure they are doing all they can to prepare for the rising tide of
Publicly traded companies must conduct fraud risk assessments but privately held businesses aren't subject to the the same fraud risk assessment requirements. 
When it comes to reducing fraud loss and duration, active fraud detection methods (such as surprise audits or data monitoring) are far more effective than passive methods (such as confessions or notification by police).  In spite of the effectiveness of the active methods, many companies fail to use them to their full
Corporate espionage involves the theft of information that hasn’t been made public and each year businesses lose billions of dollars in intellectual property (IP) from thieves stealing trade secrets.
In general, the amount lost to not for profit fraud isn't nearly as much as it is at for-profit businesses. Few nonprofit budgets can afford a $75,000 shortfall or the bad publicity associated with fraud. Here’s how nonprofits open the door to fraud — and how your organization can shut it.
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