Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Nonprofit organizations rely on donor gifts to achieve their objectives. There are two kinds of gifts, restricted--that come with conditions attached; and unrestricted, that can be added to general operating funds and used where needed.. 
A cash balance plan is a defined benefit plan, which specifies the amount a participant will receive in retirement. But unlike traditional defined benefit plans, such as pensions, cash balance plans express those benefits in the form of a 401(k)-style account balance, rather than a formula tied to years of
As the owner of a small or closely-held business you likely consider your enterprise to be your life’s work. It is an area you have poured tremendous time, energy, and money into to build an important portion of the legacy you will leave behind.
It can be easy for us to put off key estate planning issues but often waiting until an unforeseen event like a family death or sickness can prove too late. Estate planning helps to preserve the assets you worked hard to accumulate during your life and make sure they go
Have you ever wanted to start saving for retirement or increase your savings rate, yet you hesitated due to all the complexity of investment alternatives? Start saving now so you will improve your future retirement outlook.
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