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Integrity Medicolegal Enterprises is a medical legal consulting firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 2003, they provide independent medical examinations, medical record reviews, functional capacity evaluations, expert witness and employer services. Integrity’s success is built on the simple principle of delivering quality to their clients every step of the way. “Our customer service sets us apart. Our employees love their jobs, they care about what they do, and care about their clients,” says Trish Perkins, Owner and CIO of Integrity.

Integrity’s relationship with Olsen Thielen began as a response to heightened interest from clients and prospects around the issue of data security. “Clients have become more tech savvy and more concerned about security of medical and billing information,” says Perkins. They had seen this trend building over the past couple of years and wanted to stay ahead of the curve. While the firm had been accredited for Organizational Quality by URAC, they wanted to take the next logical step and conduct a Service Organization Controls (SOC) audit. The SOC audit would provide transparency to their clients and show that adequate controls were in place for security and processing integrity. It was important to Integrity that they demonstrate to their clients how serious they were about protecting their information.

Olsen Thielen came highly recommended to Integrity and was selected to conduct the SOC audit over other firms that were considered. “We liked the approach they used. They took the time to understand our business. They listened to my questions, and could answer them simply and clearly. They cared about our success,” says Perkins.

While the audit process was time consuming and complex, Perkins remains very enthusiastic about it. She knew they already had good processes in place, but having someone from outside the organization re-affirm this was a valuable exercise. Having those processes fully documented provides clear direction and makes it easier to track changes.

“They took the time to understand our business. They listened to my questions, and could answer them simply and clearly. They cared about our success.”
Trish Perkins, Owner and CIO
Integrity has found that having the SOC audit has been a fantastic marketing tool. More and more Requests for Proposal are seeking assurances around data security, and the SOC audit validates their commitment. It puts them out ahead of their competition – which is exactly where they want to be. In fact, when asked if Integrity would recommend Olsen Thielen to their peers, Perkins replies with a sly smile, “No, because I don’t want our competitors to use them and take away our advantage.”
Integrity Medicolegal Enterprises
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