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Managing a health care practice is complex. Rapid changes in markets, competition, technology, and delivery systems require that progressive health care providers have experienced professionals to assist them in meeting the challenges their medical practices face.  Olsen Thielen’s professionals are dedicated to working with and understanding all types of medical, dental, and health care businesses. Because we specialize in the health care industry, we can provide the financial and consulting expertise that is needed to successfully manage in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing health care marketplace.

Industry Expertise

Olsen Thielen professionals are highly experienced in the following areas:

Services for the Medical & Dental Industries

In addition to our accounting and tax services, we provide support for back-office operations, revenue growth, operational management, and financial planning. We provide industry-specific guidance to help ensure your practice is in compliance with current tax laws and using the best accounting practices to maximize income and minimize tax burdens. Our specialists look beyond compliance needs to educate you on new regulations and rule changes and help identify strategic improvements which will keep you moving towards your organization’s long-term goals.

Gustafson Family Dentistry

Case Study

Olsen Thielen’s relationship with Gustafson Family Dentistry began back in the late 1980s when John Gustafson, DDS had a practice serving the local community of Arlington, MN. During this time, Olsen Thielen provided John with tax planning and tax compliance services, individual tax preparation, and corporate tax preparation.

Contact a Specialist

Our medical industry professionals have dedicated their careers to working with physicians and medical clinics and are trained to help your practice remain compliant, operate efficiently, and increase profitability. We are always by your side to offer helpful advice and consultation to help you plan for the future. To learn more, contact one of our industry specialists:

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