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Research and Development Tax Credits

While most companies expense the cost of research and development activities, most fail to take advantage of the R&D tax credit. Learn how the tax credit works and what expenses qualify for it.

Research Tax Credit

If your small business or start-up is planning to claim the research tax credit, there’s an option to get immediate use of the research tax credit. Subject to limits, you can elect to apply all or some of any research tax credits against payroll taxes instead of your income tax.

NonProfit Executive Search Plan

Every nonprofit should have an executive search plan. Even if you aren’t facing an imminent vacancy, your organization is smart to prepare for what can be a long process. Executive searches generally take several months — even if you end up hiring someone already known to your nonprofit.

Create a Nonprofit Executive Search Plan – Before it Becomes Necessary

Selecting a new chief executive or other senior staffer is one of the most important decisions your not-for-profit board is likely to face. Even if there’s no immediate hiring need, it’s smart to prepare for the process. That way, you’ll be ready to execute an efficient executive search when the time arrives.

Company Structure Affects Taxes for Manufacturers

A company’s structure affects taxes and for decades, owners of small to midsize manufacturing companies have opted for the S corporation form of ownership, rather than being subject to the double taxation of C corporations. However, in recent years the limited liability company (LLC) has become another popular alternative. Let’s compare these two business structures to see how your company’s structure affects taxes.

Gregory Nelson

Greg is a Principal and the head of Olsen Thielen’s Tax Department.  He works in the Tax Department of the Eden Prairie office of Olsen Thielen and works primarily with closely-held, family-owned, start-up companies and real estate professionals. Greg has recently participated as a panelist for Finance & Commerce’s “The

Joseph Mayer

Joe is a Principal in the Tax Department of the Roseville office of Olsen Thielen and has extensive experience in tax issues and tax planning with closely-held and family-owned businesses and their shareholder/owners. Experience: Consults on business and individual tax planning Provides research on technical tax issues affecting business and/or

Scott Hoyles

Scott is a Principal in the Tax Department of the Roseville office of Olsen Thielen and is head of the Business Valuation department.   He works primarily with commercial and professional organizations including telecommunications, manufacturing, hospitality, professional service companies, and other closely-held businesses and their owners. Experience: Provides business valuations for

Construction & Real Estate Investors

Accounting for Real Estate Investors & The Construction Industry Real Estate Investors Operating in the real estate industry holds special challenges regarding tax laws, market conditions, regulatory laws, and ever-changing technology. Competition is fierce and tax laws frequently change, which requires a quick response and planning for the future. Our

Manufacturing & Distribution

Accounting for Manufacturing & Distribution Serving Manufacturers Since 1921 Meeting business goals requires overcoming many obstacles, from increasing costs to changing regulatory and tax environments. To succeed, manufacturing and distribution companies need a trusted advisor who understands the industry and has the tax and accounting expertise to help them plan

Quid Pro Quo Donations

Quid pro quo donations occur when a not-for-profit receives a payment that includes a contribution and the organization provides the donor with goods or services valued at less than the contributor’s payment.

Getting the Grant

There are thousands of grants and millions of dollars available to nonprofits from the federal government, states, foundations and other sources. Getting the grant you need generally requires you to submit a thorough, professional, and compelling grant proposal.

Changes to the Treatment of R&E Expenditure Under Section 174

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 brought about a number R&E changes under Section 174 (how research and experimentation (R&E) expenses are treated under Section 174 of the Internal Revenue Code). Unfortunately, while many provisions of the TCJA went into effect immediately, changes to Section 174 were only effective after December 31, […]

Nonprofit Grant Proposals

How effective are your nonprofit grant proposals? If you aren’t meeting with much success, you may need to change tack. Here’s how to research the grant, support your proposal and avoid pitfalls. 

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