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Nonprofit Board Designated Assets

Nonprofit board-designated assets refer to funds that haven’t been restricted by donors but are subject to self-imposed limits on their use. They’re typically intended to ensure that funding is available when needed. Board-designated funds also can play a role in fundraising by demonstrating an organization’s commitment to a specific plan or program.

Major R&D Expense Changes Coming

New Federal tax law changes are set to take place that could significantly increase the tax liabilities for companies that take part in research and development (R&D) activities.

R&D Credit Tax Break

The research and development – R&D credit, is a tax break for eligible businesses. The credit calculations require complex calculations, which we can take care of for you.  But in addition to the credit itself, the credit also has several valuable features for small businesses.

Remote Selling for Manufacturers

Even before COVID-19’s impact on businesses, remote selling for manufacturers was becoming a “new normal.” For several years prior to COVID-19, there was a trend toward digital interactions that were accelerated by the social-distancing environment and now may become permanent.

Recruiting NFP Staff

The Great Resignation has hit not-for-profit organizations hard, and recruiting NFP staff will most likely require you to up your recruiting game. As many for-profit businesses have raised pay and hiring incentives to hire new staff, nonprofits have lost staff.

Nonprofit Financial Resilience

Despite COVID-19 and other roadblocks, your nonprofit needs financial resilience for the upcoming year and beyond. Forecasting can be difficult, but your staff and the board’s finance committee have ways to deal with obstacles. Here are three suggestions:

Plan Carefully for Nonprofit Board Meetings

Whether your not-for-profit continues to hold videoconference board meetings or is back to in-person gatherings, you don’t want to waste members’ time. The key is good planning.

What the IRS Examiner Knows About Your Industry

While preparing for a business audit, an IRS examiner generally researches the specific industry and the taxpayer’s return issues. In addition, examiners may use IRS “Audit Techniques Guides (ATGs).”

Wisconsin Biennial Budget Bill Updates

The Wisconsin governor signed the 2021-2023 biennial budget bill that makes some changes to personal income tax, corporate income tax, partnership changes, sales tax, and property tax.

The Importance of Benchmarking for Nonprofits

Benchmarking is widely used by for-profit companies but sometimes is overlooked by charities and other nonprofits.  A not-for-profit organization should be committed to benchmarking because it offers many benefits, including long-term sustainability.

How Your Nonprofit Can Recover From Fraud

Fraud and embezzlement schemes cost not-for-profit organizations more than just money. The hit to a group’s reputation may scare off donors, grantmakers, and other supporters.

Nonprofits: How to Retain Your Members

If your charity or association depends financially on membership fees, you know that non-renewals are a cause for concern. During this time of economic and occupational insecurity, you may be experiencing membership drop-offs and some anxiety about your organization’s future.

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