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If you have started or are contemplating starting a new business, as a new business owner you need to be aware of the implications that affect entrepreneurs and taxes.
Due to annual indexing for inflation, you will see many business tax limit increases in 2022. Here are some that may be important to you and your business.
VIDEO: With inflation recently rising to levels not seen in decades, the Federal Reserve is taking steps to stabilize prices. Watch this short video to learn what tools the Federal Reserve uses to fight inflation.
If you are an employer with employees who receive tips, it is possible that you may qualify for an employer tip tax credit for a portion of the tips. Sound too good to be true?
With real estate prices up in some markets, the Section 1031 “like-kind” exchange strategy may be attractive if you want to sell highly appreciated commercial or investment real estate.
Businesses face several 2022 first-quarter tax deadlines. This list is not all-inclusive, and additional deadlines may apply to you. Also, remember that this list isn’t all-inclusive, so there may be other deadlines that apply to you.
Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are minimum amounts that you must withdraw from your IRA or retirement plan account each year after you reach age 72 (70 ½ if you reach 70 ½ before Jan. 1, 2020).
The 2022 standard mileage rate used to calculate the deductible cost of operating a vehicle for business will increase to 58.5 cents per mile, up from 56 cents per mile.  
The use of a company vehicle is a valuable fringe benefit for owners and employees of small businesses. The employer receives tax deductions and it also provides tax breaks for the owners and employees who use the vehicles.
A major takeaway from the last twenty months of living in a pandemic is the importance of planning and adaptability. As 2021 comes to an end, there is still so much unknown of what 2022 will bring.
You may have considered purchasing a corporate aircraft if you do a lot of business travel.  But of course, you need to be aware of the tax implications before you spend the money.
The Federal government has proposed legislation and the state of Minnesota has enacted legislation that may affect your tax situation.  In this article are highlights of four hot-topic tax items to keep an eye on.
The holiday season will soon be here and after a year of avoiding social gatherings, your business may want to show its gratitude to employees and customers by giving them gifts or hosting holiday parties.
Establishing an employer-sponsored Health Savings Account (HSA) for your employees is a way to provide some tax-advantaged health care benefits. For eligible individuals, an HSA offers a tax-advantaged way to set aside funds (or have their employers do so) to meet future medical needs.
The Social Security Administration recently announced that the wage base for computing Social Security tax will increase to $147,000 for 2022 (up from $142,800 for 2021).
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