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The Importance of Benchmarking for Nonprofits

Benchmarking is widely used by for-profit companies but sometimes is overlooked by charities and other nonprofits.  A not-for-profit organization should be committed to benchmarking because it offers many benefits, including long-term sustainability.

How Your Nonprofit Can Recover From Fraud

Fraud and embezzlement schemes cost not-for-profit organizations more than just money. The hit to a group’s reputation may scare off donors, grantmakers, and other supporters.

Nonprofits: How to Retain Your Members

If your charity or association depends financially on membership fees, you know that non-renewals are a cause for concern. During this time of economic and occupational insecurity, you may be experiencing membership drop-offs and some anxiety about your organization’s future.

Appealing to Next Generation of Supporters

Factors such as wealth level, education, and even whether people volunteer, probably will tell you more about potential donors than their generation. But some broad generalizations about age can help nonprofit organizations target particular groups for support.

Quid Pro Quo Contribution

A quid pro quo contribution occurs when a nonprofit receives a payment that includes a contribution and the nonprofit provides the donor with goods or services valued for less than the total payment.

Review and Replace Ineffective Programs at Your Nonprofit

It’s all too easy to let ineffective not-for-profit continue, even as they consume budget resources. To help ensure your resources are being deployed efficiently and effectively, consider using the tradition of spring cleaning to review and, potentially, replace ineffective programs.

Keep Your Nonprofit Afloat with a Leadership Succession Plan

If your top executive were to step down tomorrow, would your not-for-profit know how to make a smooth leadership transition or would your boat suddenly be rudderless? Fortunately, creating a succession plan isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Don’t Waste Your Board Member’s Time

Your board members serve because they believe in your organization and care about your mission. However, most are unpaid volunteers. You owe it to them to make the job as easy as possible — starting with well-organized board meetings that are only as long as necessary.

Fraud Risk Assessment

Publicly traded companies must conduct fraud risk assessments but privately held businesses aren’t subject to the the same fraud risk assessment requirements. 

Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage involves the theft of information that hasn’t been made public and each year businesses lose billions of dollars in intellectual property (IP) from thieves stealing trade secrets.

Cause Marketing

Even if your nonprofit typically doesn’t have budge shortfalls, you may be looking for new funding sources and may want to consider cause marketing. Made possible via a partnership with a for-profit business, cause marketing can boost your budget, your public profile and even your volunteer base.

Preserve Tax-Exempt Status

In order to preserve their tax-exempt status, nonprofit trade associations, or 501(c)(6) organizations, must sponsor, as well as avoid, certain types of activities as specified by the IRS, or they could be subject to IRS action which could include losing their exempt status.

Benefits of Nonprofit Board Retreats

A nonprofit board retreat is an opportunity for participants to get past the ordinary topics of regular board meetings and delve deeply into specific issues. Most board members lead busy lives and some may not be able to attend all meetings or possibly only attend via teleconference.  A carefully planned meeting can bring everyone together in a relaxed setting, but to be successful, your retreat should be planned to the smallest detail. 

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