Retaining employees reduces substantial recruiting costs. Unfortunately, many employers still find themselves seemingly helpless to stop the random and sometimes constant departure of skilled workers. One way to diagnose the severity of your turnover trouble is to put a number on it.
Yet plenty of nonprofits are still hesitating to add employees to the payroll. If your organization is on the sidelines but thinking about hiring in the near future, the following three questions can help you decide.
Technological hardware keeps many organizations running these days. Unfortunately, hard-mannered technical employees can be bad for business.
From the world of entertainment to Capitol Hill, allegations of sexual harassment have disrupted the status quo and made headlines at a remarkable rate. Meanwhile, on social media, the #MeToo movement has sparked widespread discussion.
Not-for-profit boards can vary widely, with different responsibilities and expectations for their members. The structure, for example, can be anything from a less-involved group that takes its direction from the organization’s leader, to a fully functioning, hands-on board that essentially runs the nonprofit, to boards that fit somewhere in between.
When employees steal, their colleagues are more likely to be aware of it than the managers in the executive suite, but they may be reluctant to “rat out” fellow workers.
Not-for-profit board officers, directors, trustees and key employees must avoid conflicts of interest because it’s their duty to do so. Any direct or indirect financial interest in a transaction or arrangement that might benefit one of these individuals personally could result in the loss of your organization’s tax-exempt status —
An important part of the planning process for a financial statement audit is having quality discussions with clients regarding how their year went.  However, this is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to planning for an audit.
When you do think about your Form 990 tax return, you also probably think about and dread the amount of information your accountant asks you to provide.  But the truth is, all of the information accountants ask for is vitally important to present your organization in the best light for
After a flurry of year-end fundraising, you and your not-for-profit’s staff are probably ready for a little break. Your supporters may be tired, too. At some point, even the most philanthropic individuals experience donor fatigue and start saying “no” — even to their favorite charities.
For-profit businesses understand that it takes a lot more time and money to attract new customers than it does to keep current customers happy. The same can be said for your not-for-profit’s members. But there’s more to retention than cost savings. Long-time supporters help attract new members and are ideal
The end of the year is fast approaching and not only does that mean we are in the holiday season but, for many companies that means it’s time to start preparing for the annual audit. 
Financial statement fraud is committed by intentionally misrepresenting an organization’s financial condition. A perpetrator might do this by omitting or misstating amounts or information to deceive auditors, shareholders and the public. However this fraud is committed, it tends to be one of the most costly schemes for the victimized companies.
When your not-for-profit desperately needs a new facility, costly equipment or an endowment, a capital campaign can be the best way to raise funds. But to be successful, a campaign requires strong leadership, extensive planning and dedicated participants.
When employees commit fraud, it can take months, even years, for their employers to discover the theft. But proactive fraud detection makes it possible for businesses to detect fraud schemes earlier - long before they generate significant losses.
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