The convenience of instantaneous information can blind us to technology’s drawbacks, including cyber attacks and data breaches. But there’s another, lesser-known technology-enabled crime to watch for — Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud.
Many employers use background checks as a regular part of their hiring processes. If yours is a smaller organization, you may understandably feel pressured to hire good candidates quickly. After all, you don’t have the hiring resources of a larger organization and might really need the help. But, in today’s
If your not-for-profit is struggling financially, you’ve probably already taken steps to cut costs, such as wage freezes and layoffs. But to keep your organization afloat, you may need to come up with more creative ways to generate operating cash flow.
Even an extensive fraud prevention program can’t guarantee your company will escape fraud-related legal action. If you decide to initiate a civil suit or press criminal charges against an employee involved in fraud, you’ll need every resource at your disposal. One of the most critical is the expertise of a
To make sound decisions, your not-for-profit’s leadership should periodically survey donors and other constituents. But how do you design a survey to ensure a high response rate and constructive feedback?
Because their cultures are oriented toward helping others, nonprofits often find it impossible to imagine that anyone working for them would steal. As a result, too many charities neglect to put proper internal controls in place and, if they’re defrauded, refuse to seek prosecution of the perpetrator.
People are naturally inclined to make charitable gifts around the holidays. With the end of the year fast approaching, your not-for-profit should prepare now to take advantage of donors’ generosity. The holiday season is an opportune time to raise funds for your nonprofit. All you have to do is ask
If your new or fast-growing not-for-profit could use an extra pair of experienced hands, an association management company (AMC), with its turnkey infrastructure, might be able to help. AMCs are paid to manage your nonprofit’s business, leaving you to concentrate on its mission.
To succeed at executing an effective performance management system, you need to build a solid frame by recognizing the foundational details. Done right, however, this system can provide a solid structure for maximizing performance and helping employees envision their future with your organization.
In today’s rough-and-tumble world of mergers and acquisitions (M&As), buyers need to get to know business sellers and their executives, test their representations about asset condition and financial performance, and screen for common fraud schemes.
There are more than 87,000 foundations in the United States — including family, corporate and community foundations — according to the Foundation Center. If your nonprofit isn’t actively seeking grants from these groups, you’re neglecting a potentially significant income source.
In all companies, things can and do go wrong, and employees mishandle their assigned tasks and sometimes those mistakes are significant and costly.
Preparing your nonprofit’s annual budget is probably one of the least appealing parts of your job. Here’s how to make the process a little less painful.
The environment for hiring and retaining top-notch employees remains competitive. One strategy for combating high turnover rates is offering a competitive package of employee benefits that goes beyond health care coverage and a retirement plan. This is where the right fringe benefits can really pay off.
Lapping, or using receipts from one account to cover theft from another, is one of the most common methods of skimming from company accounts. But with vigilance — and a little knowledge — you can prevent this type of fraud from damaging your business.
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