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Setting the Stage for Success with Fractional CFO Services

McCollum Crowley is an experienced law firm specializing in General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Construction Litigation, Complex Litigation, Insurance Coverage, and Labor & Employment. The McCollum Crowley management committee needed additional direction and CFO advisory services in order to move forward with their financial goals and gain a better understanding of accounting processes.

To provide the firm with the financial direction and operational side it needed during this transitional period, McCollum Crowley required a CFO that was confident, attentive, and able to make an assessment in multiple aspects of their business. They partnered with Julie Walker, COO and Consultant at Olsen Thielen, to fill this fractional CFO role.

Working closely with Cassie and the management committee, Julie was able to offer a crucial outside perspective into McCollum Crowley’s accounting and reporting, tax filing, internal processes, and the final integration of their new practice management system. Additionally, Olsen Thielen helped assess the need for additional hiring within the accounting team – to create and designate tasks based on the assessments made, and establish the new admin responsibilities within to support the Firm Administrator’s critical role. The processes Julie established helped set the stage for McCollum Crowley to reprioritize their workload to meet their goals, and for the firm to gain the confidence in managing their own CFO responsibilities in-house.

Although Julie is no longer in the fractional CFO position with McCollum Crowley, they know that she and Olsen Thielen are just a phone call away if any additional support is ever needed. Olsen Thielen and McCollum Crowley continue their relationship to this day, with Olsen Thielen providing tax planning and ongoing advisory services as needed.

Olsen Thielen’s experienced staff are proud to partner with law firms and other professional service firms to provide fractional CFO services. Our experts work directly with you in managing your business’s accounting and reporting, completing budgeting and analysis, optimizing profitability, and providing the overall strategic direction to set your business up for growth and success.

“Julie and the Olsen Thielen team were able to walk me through everything that was needed and completely transformed the way we handle our accounting processes at McCollum Crowley. The knowledge they brought to the table and the attention paid to our firm exceeded all expectations we had”
Cassie Kirscht, Firm Administrator, McCollum Crowley
McCollum Crowley
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