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As a business owner, you hear news stories every day about cyberattacks that are plaguing companies of all sizes. Small businesses are at even greater risk due to a lack of resources and expertise when it comes to securing their data and systems – and failure to do so can affect a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Olsen Thielen’s cybersecurity and risk practice advisors can help you identify, measure, and manage risks so you can gain confidence and make well-informed decisions about how best to address them.

Risk Management Services

Addressing your risk starts by identifying your current situation, including the types of sensitive data you need to protect, applicable regulatory requirements, incident response plans and staff training needs.

We can help you identify and prioritize your greatest areas of risk, so you can begin the process of improving security and protecting your business assets. We offer the following services:

Assessment Services

Security Consulting

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In today’s business environment, you have a responsibility to your stakeholders, employees, clients, and customers to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the critical data that is entrusted to you. The Olsen Thielen Cybersecurity team can help you and your organization build and maintain a robust cyber and information security strategy that is in alignment with your business goals and objectives. To learn more, contact one of our cybersecurity specialists:

Articles & News

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